What’s life without a good old goal?

2019 Goals – Financial Independence

  • Achieve an average savings rate of 55% (changed in April 2019) throughout the year.
  • Achieve a dividend income of £1000pa (to be re-invested of course!)
  • Achieve £1,500pa via side hustles (and to learn the ways / methods – I started in 2019)
  • Purchase a £50,000 flat under a BTL agreement
  • Purchase my recommended stocks based on diverse, buy and hold strategy.
  • Setup WordPress Blog and blog regularly about my FIRE Journey (I think i’ve managed to do this!)  [DONE]
  • Invest £20,000 maximum ISA limit by April-2019. [DONE]
  • Invest £20,000 maximum ISA limit by April 2020.

2018 Goals – Financial Independence

  • Start investing into Vanguard ETF and invest £7,000 in 2018 (I started in June-18) [DONE]
  • Increase mortgage payment by 30% [DONE]
  • Pay off one of the loans needed for some garden improvements (£3,000) [DONE]
  • Open up a General Investment Account with IG [DONE]